"The longest-lasting weekly party in New York City’s night life history—and possibly even the world! "

Started in Feb of 1993 by NYC nightlife icon, Alon Jibli, Tuesday Baby Tuesday has created 20 years of non-stop parties and is still going strong!" While building the first Tuesday Baby Tuesday website a few years ago, we began wondering, “How did it all start?” So naturally, we went to the source, to the founder, Alon Jibli."It all happened due to a series of great coincidences,” said Alon

"During my first month in NYC about 20 years ago, I happened to be out with young model I was dating at the time".He began reminiscing. "We were at China Club—an extremely popular club in the city at the time—when we bumped into Bruce Willis, he was having a drink at the bar,” Alon recalled, “shortly after, he invited my girlfriend for a drink, not realizing that she was with me, when he did realize it, he was kind enough to buy me a drink too, a beginning of a one night friendship just started” he laughs.

We could easily see how Alon gets excited while remembering his first weeks in New York, searching for a job in the industry he was most familiar with; well, he found it. Alon continued his story "We found ourselves in a limo surrounded by Bruce Willis and his suited up entourage. My girlfriend and I sat with this pack, confused out of our minds until we saw that we were heading to Tatou—the number one club in the city at the time. The venue was famous for hosting some of the biggest celebrities and entertainment figures; Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, you name it!”

Not too long after Alon arrived at the club is when his career began to pick up. “The club’s owner came up to our group looking to make friends with Bruce Willis and his entourage, he then came up to me " what are you doing for living young man"?"

“Nothing really I told him, but I love your club and I consider myself as professional nightlife kid” It was then, that he offered Alon a job promoting TATOU Club on Tuesdays.“ he was probably trying to be nice to Bruce, plus Tatou was closed on Tuesday nights, so the owner had nothing to lose, I also doubt he believed this will work for more than 2 weeks,let alone 20 years ! Alon exclaimed " In no time my new Tuesday party at TATOU became a major hit all thanks to Bruce Willis buying my girl a drink at China Club," he says laughing. "Only in New York baby, only in New York!”

The story he tells is one of those that we see happening in the movies ( or only in NY...) something no one could possibly imagine happening to them. Well, because of Alon’s impromptu run-in, “Tuesday Baby Tuesday” has been a major part of the New York City nightlife for over 20 years now.

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